The band started off in November 2002 as a quartet. A local garden centre was having an open evening to start the Xmas period with the staff dressed as Dickens characters providing free mince pies and mulled wine to customers. Dave Edwards quickly compiled some music for us to play and the evening was such a success the band was asked to repeat the performance at another garden centre a week later, we enjoyed ourselves so much we volunteered our services at the local pub for Christmas carols and so, after the Christmas period we decided to keep the band going but as a quintet.

Initially our trombone player was Andrea Day. She stopped playing trombone and was replaced by Anne in 2004. Also when our horn player Cathy Card moved up country in 2005, a replacement had to be found. That’s when Lisa joined us. Last year Anne got married and went travelling for a few months. (Cactus Brass played at the wedding, of course!). At this point, Ray (on euphonium) agreed to help us out. We also have other players who help us out for many of our engagements, including Steve on Bass, Andrea (now on Trumpet), Roger on French Horn and Anthony on Trombone.

So, as a group we now consist of many players, all of a high standard. This means we are able to adapt to any occasion and take on most engagements, using the players available. We now have a large repertoire of music, and play for Weddings, Fete’s, Regimental Dinners, Garden Party’s and any other occasion.

The original members of Cactus Brass with the Cactus that gave the name